Monday, October 24, 2011

Parker Palmer is a Visionary, says Utne Reader

Every year, Utne Reader creates a list of 25 visionaries that are changing the world for the good.  This year Parker Palmer made the list.

Here's an excerpt from the profile:

“I often talk about life on the Möbius strip,” says the 72-year-old public intellectual Parker J. Palmer. “That wonderful form that you can trace with your finger and find that what looks like the inside surface keeps merging seamlessly into the outside surface, and vice versa. So that the inner and outer are not two different things, but they’re constantly co-creating each other. That’s become a metaphor for me about the way life works.”

When I first read Palmer's discussion of the mobius strip metaphor in A Hidden Wholeness, it resonated with me deeply.  To me, this is what striving for integrity is about.  The inner life influences and informs and changes the outer life and vice versa.

Read the full article here:
Utne Reader's Profile on Parker Palmer

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